The 2018 Decorators' Show House and Gardens

The Wainwright-Cochran House
4140 North Illinois Street
April 28 - May 13 (Closed Mondays)
11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Supporting Eskenazi Health since 1907

How to Become a Show House

The process of selecting a home to be transformed into the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens begins almost two years prior to the opening of the house for public tours. Ideas for potential Show Houses come from interested homeowners, real estate agents, surveys of desired neighborhoods, and other contacts in the community. To be selected, a home must be spacious enough to accommodate multiple design areas, have front and back staircases, a lawn large enough for various tents, and be of sufficient interest and character to attract the public.

If you would like more information about becoming an Indianapolis Decorators' Show House, please contact us.

The event is not a custom decorating service for homeowners; a successful Show House exhibits examples of many designers’ creativity. Designers are given freedom of expression in their areas, although there are guidelines for reasonable adaptations to color schemes and themes that flow from room to room. A Design Board made up of selected designers and Guild chairs oversees area selection and design proposals.

Contractors and supply houses may participate in the event by donating or discounting goods and services of a permanent nature to the homeowners, in exchange for the publicity and advertising value of being part of the Decorators’ Show House and Gardens. Opportunities vary from year to year but have included kitchen remodeling, cabinets, faucets and fixtures, appliances, and alarm systems. Agreements for these items are made between the homeowners and contractors; the Guild does not enter into price negotiations or actual building.

Homeowners are responsible for paying designers for any furnishings they wish to purchase at the close of the event. These items may include draperies, blinds, light fixtures, furniture, accessories, carpets and rugs, and landscape plantings. Homeowners are not obligated to purchase anything from designers, but most consider it a good opportunity to make purchases.

It is most rewarding to be part of the longest, continuously running Show House in the country and raise funds for an excellent cause—Eskenazi Health.

For more information about becoming an Indianapolis Decorators' Show House, please contact us.

St. Margaret's Hospital Guild
Supporting Eskenazi Health since 1907

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