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Since 1907

Eskenazi Health's Historic Achievements

In the State of Indiana, Eskenazi Health: . . . was the first hospital,

. . . had the first ambulance service,

. . . had the first school of nursing,

. . . was the site of the first hip replacement,

. . . had the first accredited training program in skin diseases,

. . . had the first heart clinic and cardiac institute (The Krannert Institute),

. . . had the first community mental health center,

. . . had the first verified level one trauma center,

. . . had the first verified burn center (and is currently the only level one burn center for adults in the area),

. . . was the first to be selected one of the 100 best hospitals in the U. S. for three consecutive years (the only hospital in the state to be so honored),

. . . had the first paramedic training program,

. . . had the first clinical research pharmacology laboratory (Lilly Research Unit),

. . . had the first Institute for Health Care and Research (The Regenstrief Institute),

. . . had the first psychiatric emergency department,

. . . received a gift of $40 million from Sidney and Lois Eskenazi, after which Wishard Health Services was renamed Eskenazi Health. 

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